Through generous donations to Mohala Hou Foundation’s Maui wildfire relief fundraising initiative and the frontline efforts of Keola and Moana Beamer, MHF was able to provide nearly $90,000 of support directly to severely impacted families in Lahaina. Thank you to all who made this much needed helping hand possible.

Keola Beamer prepared the following message of thanks and background on the Lahaina families we helped:

“I get a little emotional remembering the night of the fires as we
(Lahaina Residents) all struggled to comprehend the loss we
had suffered. Moana and I still have our home, but many of our
neighbors LOST EVERYTHING. Many had lost their vehicles so

all they had left was the clothing on their backs.

These are the families we helped. People who suffered a total
loss and barely got away with their lives.

We discovered that trying to distribute the donations can be
tricky. Most survivors lost their ID’s, bank account info,
insurance papers, etc., plus Lahaina banks burned down, so no
help there. We assisted the grantees by inviting them over to
our house to fill out grant forms and upload their applications,
which were then processed by MHF’s awesome administrator,
Claudia Goddard

Since Moanalani and I are located in ground zero and are in
direct contact with fire survivors, we selected six impacted
families and Mohala Hou Foundation is currently sending them
aid. Each family receives a check in the amount of $1,200 per
month for a year’s time period. We thought this amount could
help pay for essentials as they figured out a way forward and
reimagined the future of our community

Like my old friend Uncle Ray Kane used to say, “Words cannot
express.” Words cannot express our gratitude for the
generosity of our donors and the aloha they shared with our
community.” Mahalo also to the Mohala Hou Foundation, their
staff and Board of Directors.

Me ke Ha’aha’a,

Keola Beamer

MHF will continue to direct all donations through December 31, 2023 to our Maui wildfire relief efforts.