Our Programs

Aloha Music Camp

Aloha Music Camp is a week-long gathering of instructors and "campers" amidst the tropical gardens and cultural sites of Keauhou, Kona district, Hawaiʻi island (the "Big Island"). Campers experience an immersion into the music, dance, and culture of Hawaiʻi through daily classes and friendly interaction with both instructors and other camp participants.

Keola and Moanalani Beamer by the Beach with guitar and hula outfits
Keola and Moanalani Beamer

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Auntie Nona Beamer Documentary

In 2007, Mohala Hou Foundation commissioned Emmy award-winning filmmaker Kenny Martinez Burgmaier of Jazz Alley TV and Hawaii On TV to produce a documentary on Auntie Nona Beamer, the first ever to be done of this legendary Hawaiian matriarch of the Beamer family. When the documentary is released, it will serve to educate people around the world about traditional Hawaiian culture and how it can serve as a way of bringing people of all backgrounds together.


Hoʻoulu (“to stimulate growth”) is a program designed to create opportunities for broad community interaction and bridge-building through education, performance, participation, and sharing in Hawaiian music and culture.

Guitars in the Classroom

Mohala Hou Foundation is a Hawaiian islands partner of Guitars in the Classroom program whose mission it is to help revive and restore music to its rightful place in schools.

Scholarship Program for Kumu and Hawaiian Youth

The Mohala Hou Scholarship Fund was established to assist young students from at-risk populations, their chaperones, and kūpuna (elders), with the financial needs to cover tuition costs and associated expenses to attend and participate in Hawaiian culture workshops and camps. Thanks to the financial support of individuals and foundations, Mohala Hou Foundation has so far given scholarships to eight young students and several kūpuna to attend Aloha Music Camp.